We are a collective of performers, coaches, designers and creatives. We offer a mixture of workshops, family activities, street theatre / public interaction and merchandise sales, all with the theme of finding and enhancing the feel-good factor, squeezing the juice out of life, becoming a “Good Energy Magnet”, and offering opportunities for people to take away tips, tools, thoughts and experiences that can serve them for life.

We’re available for Festivals, Corporate Events and Celebrations offering:

  • Inspiring workshops
  • Street theatre / public interaction
  • Speakers
  • Group facilitation and motivation

Anyone who is committed to making good energy the number one priority in your life, and the lives of others, is wholeheartedly invited to join our collective!

Theresa Sansome

Theresa (better known as “T”) is a life coach, speaker and workshop leader with over 20 years experience. She is a co-founder of GEM. She’s passionate about the power of positive resonance to transform lives. Her program Future Self Now (www.futureselfnow.com) is  dedicated to helping people find their self-expression and best life. She has organised and attended festivals for many years and is a big fan of their energy-boosting effects!

Anna Rae-Jones

Co-founder of GEM, Anna is a life coach, speaker, group leader, oh and part clown. Anna has over 20 years experience of working with people including children and vulnerable adults, aiming to bring out the best in everyone. (www.annarray.uk) She has organised workshops, a surprise mini festival, formal occasions and parties, with experience of street theatre, performance and singing. A seasoned festival goer, including being a volunteer at the last 2 Nibley festivals. She’s a real GEM!

Kelly Cowan

Kelly is GEM’s visual designer. She’s created art cards to boost people’s spirit since she was 10. She says, “For 7 years, despite many blessings, I couldn’t seem to shake a low grade depression. To soothe myself up to a good feeling vibe, I painted huge happy word art with bright colours and put them all over our home. I loved how it made me feel! My kids and their friends loved it! Now, we can pass on these good vibes together. We know are strong together. May we compassionately remind ourselves and others of the light within, know that we are innately well and shine on.” You can find Kelly’s products at www.zazzle.ca/store/heart2u

Our Mission

Here at the GEM collective, our mission is to inspire, entertain and share the message that good energy spreads. Together we can make a big difference to ourselves, our families, our communities – and the world. Anyone who is committed to making good energy your number one priority in your life, and the lives of others, is wholeheartedly invited to join us!

We're at Nibley Festival 2024! Street theatre and Energy-Boosting workshops :
Friday 5th July to Sunday 6th July

Street Theatre

We go totally ‘Off Piste’. Look out for the Apres Skiers!

Dance Move Copy Cats

We at GEM love to help people feel boosted and uplifted. And there’s no better tool to do that than with a belting tune and a dance. Got a great dance move to bust out and show off? Come along and let us copy you! Fun for all ages.

Silly Sing-A-Long Bingo

Forget traditional Bingo, join “Bernice Berry” – Lancashire’s premiere bingo-caller – for ‘eyes down’ and a sing a-long!

Nibley Festival - Friday 5th July - Sunday 7th July 2024

The Friendliest Festival in the Cotswolds!

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you! 

Our email address is theresasansome@gmail.com or feel free to use the form below.